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Fully Customized Stellar Blockchain Payment Utility Tokens For Any Business.

Congratulations You Have Taken The First Step! ISO 20022 compliant custom digital assets (tokens) are the latest and greatest business commerce tool. Having your own branded digital asset sets your business apart. More flexible than gift cards. Redeemable, swappable, sellable or tradable from wallet to wallet. Why…

The time is here for interoperability, be a part of the global financial revolution. Use clean energy super efficient proof of stake blockchain tokens, aka. digital assets from XLM King and be a part of history! Transactions are completed in supersonic speeds, on demand payments, instant liquidity and fully auditable instantly and affordable to all. Money can be sent peer to peer local, cross border, worldwide in seconds. Fantastic for business use of all types. Below are fully functional pre developed payment system tokens we have created. They are also good visual examples of a customized tokenization for any business.

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It all begins with an idea. Let us take you into the future! Here’s a few reasons why you should consider launching a custom business ISO 20022 compliant digital token. Your business will create an impactful brand awareness with your own digital asset business token. Drive more business by forward selling your goods and services to increase cashflows. Offer discounts and incentives to your customers via the use of the token(s).  Turn your event, cause or business into something more with its own tradable and branded digital asset. XLM King brings any business into the future of commerce with simple turnkey solution packages. All options include the main ingredients, a customized ISO 20022 digital asset  blockchain token, (up to 5 billion ea.) 1 assigned QR code and the required blockchain data files associated to the aforementioned.

We know times are hard so we came up with a few options. Your business cannot afford to NOT do this.

Let us show you the benefits of adding a fully customized ISO 20022 compliant digital asset for your business today!


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